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Kitchen Products


Axiom Logo Akorn kitchens now introduce a quality range of spashbacks from Axiom.
Please contact us for the full colour range.

When working with our team at Akorn Kitchens you get the best of both worlds – hand built cabinetry that delivers on cost, and a flexible service that allows for installation of any kitchen appliance.

Cabinetry that makes the difference

All our kitchen cabinetry is hand built specifically to your plan. Some or our competitors fit only standard size kitchen cabinets or have their Fitters cut down units on site. Our solution is to have cabinetry that is tailor made for your kitchen, saving installation time and offering a better finish. We recognise that by providing the best service to you, without inflating our costs as a result, you’ll recommend us to your friends and family so that they too can see why hand built cabinetry is the best possible option.

This attention to maximum usage also means access to stop cocks or boilers can easily be achieved with careful planning and the use of false backs held by magnetic catches for easy removal. We can also accommodate pipe work or soil pipes whilst maintaining the overall aesthetic and design of the complete kitchen.

A world of kitchen appliances

When it comes to Kitchen Appliances and Sinks we can offer a wide choice of styles and choices to suit your needs. We are able to source many different manufacturers of appliances from stunning ranges in duel fuel, electric or gas, both natural and LPG, to the latest appliances from Bosch, having recently been made a direct dealership with them. You may also “Mix and Match” any wood or vinyl wrapped door or use our in-house spray booth for a painted door in any colour.

If you wish to fit your own Kitchen we can supply “Self Fit” solutions and provide help with worktop mitre joints to assist with the DIY if you require it.

We’re also able to install kitchen appliances you buy online (several suppliers do not offer the complete range online so check with us as to what is available).

Appliances purchased elsewhere must also be ordered well in advance to allow for possible transit damage and returns so that it does not impede the installation of your brand new kitchen.

To replace or revive your kitchen?

Replace or revive?

Sometimes change doesn’t need to be all or nothing – our Designer can discuss with you the option of providing a new worktop and sink to revive a tired area without replacing the entire kitchen. Get the impact of a kitchen makeover without the major investment.