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Your New Kitchen

Your dream kitchen is a composite of style and function. At Akorn Kitchens, we have the experience to bring these two elements together seamlessly to provide you with a kitchen that not only looks great, but works great too.

Understanding how storage can be harnessed to make your life easier – be it pantry storage, racking systems or smart cabinets – can maximise every inch of space and overcome clutter. It is also vital to provide a kitchen work surface best suited to your budget that can handle everything your daily routine throws at it.

Kitchen Storage Solutions

We have designed and installed countless kitchen storage solutions over the years. Each space-creating challenge is unique, but by using quality products and clever craftsmanship, we’ve yet to find one we couldn’t overcome.

Challenge #1:

Drawers are a great space saving device, but awkward angles can make them less useful.

Our Storage Solution:

We can strategically design drawers with special inserts to help make excellent use of space. Soft close technology also means slamming is a thing of a past (especially important if you have small fingered people in the house). Deep pan drawers ensure that all your cooking equipment has a home.

Challenge #2:

Narrow spaces and compact rooms are perennial design challenge.

Our Storage Solution:

Wall, base and Narrow pull-out units cleverly maximise all available space, while Magic Corner units turn the dead space of deep corners into valuable storage. Built in microwaves, ironing boards and mixer lifts also help with space.

Challenge #3:

Pantry cupboards are often hiding ground for poorly thought out storage.

Our Storage Solution:

We can create effortless access with attractive pull-out Chef Pantries and innovative wire and racking solutions. Modern, breathable baskets are ideal for storing fresh foods.

After Sales Enquiries

Should you have any queries after your kitchen has been delivered, please contact our office via this telephone number: 01635 49448
We will aim to provide an initial response to you within 2 working days and provide a full response within 5 working days.