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Granite, Wood and Laminate Worktops 

Choose your worktop finish; natural wood and granite or hard wearing hygienic laminates

Now a defining statement of the modern kitchen, the work-surface is a fundamental design consideration. We will help find the perfect worktop that is right for your dream kitchen:

Granite Worktops – always a rock solid choice

No two pieces of Granite are the same – from dark pinks, to grey and black – each comes with its own characteristics, so in the kitchen design stage we can arrange for you to visit our suppliers to choose exactly the right stone for your kitchen space.

Granite is a popular choice these days, capable of withstanding the rigours of everyday kitchen activities while presenting a visually stunning surface that is timelessly elegant, adding day-to-day value and significantly contributing to your house’s appeal if or when you are ready to move on.

Warm Wood Worktops – hard wearing Timber

A natural choice in a working environment, a solid wood work surface will grow more captivating and interesting with age – as we all do!

Using a Timber Worktop will often give a kitchen a sense of warmth and comfort bringing the natural world into our homes and adding to a reassuringly traditional design style. At Akorn Kitchens, using all our years of knowledge we can help you select the most suitable wood to use. We will also show how to protect your worktops to keep them in tip-top condition.

Laminate Worktops – the not so new kids on the block

For so long viewed as a solution for a budget conscious kitchen, laminates are no longer seen as the poor relation of work surfaces – far from it in fact!
Laminates are now providing our kitchen surfaces with seriously ultra modern style matched with functional practicality. Modern kitchen laminates are available in matt or gloss finishes and in a dazzling range of colours.


Two brand new cutting edge ranges with all the hardwearing, hygienic and easy to care for benefits of laminate.
You will find both rustic and exotic woodgrains, cool stones and urban finishes alongside expert design thinking to bring your kitchen to life.

Many of our new Laminate ranges contain Microban (to protect your work tops and keep your kitchen surfaces more hygienic between cleanings) while others of our laminates include highly realistic textured Stone and Granite effects but with significantly less weight price tags.

Composite Countertops – compose yourself darling it’s Corian!

Our Corian worktops are an advanced blend of natural materials and acrylic polymer delivering excellent long-term performance. The work tops can be created to resemble the enduring elegance of Natural stone or be used for bolder uber-modern designs to create impressive – even artistic – focal points in your kitchen.

At Akorn, our process is to template the worksurface on site so it can be fitted seamlessly ensuring an aesthetically satisfying and extremely hygienic kitchen surface for you and your family to enjoy every time you see it and use it.